The new crest is a "symbol of future aspiration for the club" and is to provide a clear guideline as to the culture and identity of the club moving forward. 

It places more emphasis on Phoenix-like spirit of the taniwha (a great water monster of Maori mythology), and also has the words ‘E Rere Te Keo’ below it. 

'E Rere Te Keo’ is the resounding call or the rising call – the call to prepare, the call to work hard, the call to prevail regardless of circumstance. 

“For me, the strongest aspect of this new logo is that it draws upon a story, a story specific to Wellington, that is based upon key values that we want to build this club around," said club ambassador and former player Ben Sigmund.

“We want to live and breathe these values. The cautionary tale of the two taniwha and its lessons – a story of hard work not laziness, of perseverance not giving up, of facing adversity and always absolutely giving it your all.

“It’s so important that everyone at this club, the players and staff, but also the fans, that we understand who we are and what we stand for – so that whatever the players are doing on and off the field, they are representing this club with pride and passion.”

Phoenix General Manager David Dome added: "With this new logo, with its inscription and depiction we’re looking not just forward to the type of football club that we’d like to become, but also reaching backwards; acknowledging the rich history and connection to place of tangata whenua.

“This crest signifies fortitude, resilience – a sense of mana [respect] or kaha [strength]. Qualities that typify Wellington, a city buffeted by blistering winds, rain and the ever-present threat of earthquakes.

“It’s important to note however that this is just the beginning of a journey, a journey started together and in consultation with local Iwi. We’re not about to start doing hakas before games, or trying to pretend we’re something we’re not.

“But we are going to say to the people of Wellington and New Zealand that this football club wants to show more character, to represent them with respect, and honour.”


@wellingtonphoenix launched their new logo this morning. What do you think of the new look? #ALeague

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