Taggart, 19, has been signed on a two-year by the Jets and started pre-season training with the Newcastle squad this week.

He said getting out of the 'comfort zone' of his hometown surrounds will allow him to concentrate on making an impact in the A-League next season.

"Perth was my home town but I had to do what was best for me and coming here was my best decision," Taggart said. "Everyone loves to be at home but leaving is probably the best thing.

"Being away from home the main focus is football, where at home you have things like family and friends that you get involved in, it is hard to leave home but it is something I needed to do."

Taggart said he was appreciative of the skills he learned at Glory, especially from players like Robbie Fowler and Shane Smeltz.

But he also knows it was those same players who restricted his game time in the A-League, and their presence was ultimately a major reason for his decision to come to Newcastle.

"With a young squad the opportunity to play might be more than at other clubs," he said.

"The whole club and atmosphere at Perth was great and with people like Robbie Fowler and Smeltz it was great to get experience and work my way through my first contract.

"But with people like that and Billy (Mehmet) it was hard for me to play. All up it was good to get the experience, but playing games more and leaving home I think is going to be good for my game."

Another major reason for signing with the Jets was the presence of coach Gary van Egmond, who had previously mentored Taggart at the Australian Institute of Sport.

"Having him at the AIS I really liked it and all the young boys really liked that high-tempo style of game," Taggart said.

"Gary being here and trying to improve my game and under people like him and Deansy (assistant coach Craig Deans) was important.

"Given the opportunity you wouldn't turn it down to come to a team with so many young players and with Gary being good with young players - I think that was a big plus.

"All the youth boys throughout Australia wanted to be a part of."