While Rovers won't kick a ball in the competition for another 18 months, club reps say they are buoyant by the interest shown in the fledgling club.

And they're happy with the look of their franchise as they begin the task of commercialising their brand in the Australian sports market.

"We've been working with Reebok as the official supplier to the A-League," said Ian Rowden today. "These are early days but we like the general direction and the integrity between brand, logo and strip."

The jersey will be unique in the A-League with no other club as yet opting for multi-coloured thick stripes on their shirt. The other new club Melbourne Heart - which enters the competition later this year - are tipped to sport a red and white striped shirt.

"We've been encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm from the government bodies, community at large, sporting associations, clubs, players, schools, media and corporate world," added Rowden.

As for a home ground, Penrith City Council and CUA Stadium have confirmed they are expressing their interest in hosting the Rovers.

Last week the Sydney Morning Herald reported that eight western Sydney councils were bidding to house A-League club-in-waiting.

It also suggested five stadiums had already entered into negotiations, including CUA Stadium, Parramatta Stadium, Sydney Showground, ANZ Stadium and Campbelltown Stadium.

Rovers chairman Ian Rowden told the paper they will embrace the city's west and have been "blown away" by responses so far at community level.

"Nobody has baulked at either the scale or the scope of the commitment required. There's such a strong desire in the west to make this happen.''

He added: "We'll be a western Sydney team and proud of it."

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