The towering Sydney Olympic striker says that the possibility of competing at the highest level of Australia’s domestic football scene was one of the main reasons he decided to complete his university education here, arriving in Sydney on his own just six months ago.

“I decided to come here to Australia to continue studying and I was also lucky to find a club [Sydney Olympic]," he said.

"I hope to continue playing here and find an A-League club.”

The 26-year old was recognized as one of the most exciting talents in West-Asian football during his nine year career with Jordanian and Middle-Eastern super-powers Al-Faisaly, where he won the domestic treble in his debut season and went on to clinch consecutive league and cup doubles.

Undoubtedly though, the pinnacle of Al-Tall’s club career was winning the AFC Cup back-to-back – the premier club competition for developing football nations in Asia.

In the 2006 final, Al-Tall wrote himself into Jordanian football folklore when he scored the winning goal in the final minute of the AFC Cup final against Bahraini club Muhharaq, after coming on as a substitute with ten minutes remaining.

“I got onto the field during the last 10 minutes, and managed to score the away goal that crowned us (Al-Faisaly) champions," he said. "It was the most wonderful moment of my life.”

Despite his undoubted club and international pedigree – 10 caps and four goals for the Jordanian national team in a still-developing career – Al-Tall has yet to receive a concrete offer by an A-League club.

He aded: “I know that I am good enough to play in the A-League but maybe I wasn’t sought after because no-one knew about me.

“I was playing for the best club in Jordan, amongst the best teams in the Arab region in the Arab Championships, so I definitely think I can play in the A-League.

“I think those clubs that I’ve played against are good enough to compete in the A-league.”

Al-Tall hopes that his winning an A-League contract might be the start of a new trend for Australian football.

“We have so much talent in Asia and the Middle-East and we want to help the A-League, to bring our skills to this game and help improve it," he said. "I think it would be fantastic for Australian football.”

The Jordanian is thankful to Sydney Olympic for giving him the opportunity to showcase his talents to Australia’s premier clubs but concedes that a move to the A-League is his priority.

Al-Tall added: “All of my team-mates, all my coaches, treat me very well and I feel like I’m with my family here at Olympic. I’d like to maintain this relationship with the club and its personnel for a long time.

“But we will finish in August or September this season and hopefully I will be fortunate enough to earn an A-League contract because it is the highest level of football here in Australia.”