The rescue move by the FFA comes just a week after they abandoned North Queensland Fury for failing to raise enough money to guarantee their survival and axed the expansion club just two years into its existence.

Now though the FFA is braced to shoulder the cost of running the Premiership-winning club until new owners can be found to replace Roar directors Emmanuel Drivas, Emmanuel Kokoris, and Serge and Claude Baradel.


"They've shouldered a lot of the burden in recent times in keeping the club going and we want to find a way of them being actively involved in the club in some shape," FFA CEO Ben Buckley told Brisbane's Courier-Mail.

"They're willing to continue in some capacity and that's a positive, whether that's through sponsorship or through some other channel.


"They understand the need to have a new ownership consortium in place. The dates are flexible but we expect it to happen."

Former Brisbane Lions Chief Executive Michael Bowers has been hired a consultant by the FFA to find new investors and keep the club afloat while the search goes on for new owners.

"We have confidence that, like we had success in Newcastle and like we had success in Adelaide, a new ownership consortium will emerge," said Buckley.

"There's a process in place for finding a new ownership group that's being led by Michael Bowers."

Roar now faces the challenge of keeping its record-breaking squad together for next season and preparing for a tilt at the Asian Champions League title against a background of financial uncertainty.

But the FFA insist any new owner will need to commit to keep the good work going that coach Ange Postecoglou has underway.

Buckley added: "We're very confident and we would certainly be fighting for such an approach. That work would be mandatory for any new owners that were likely to come in.

"The club has made great inroads this year into being much more active in the community and building relationships with Football Queensland and Football Brisbane."