Kewell's Victory and Emerton's Sydney are set to face off on the opening weekend of the A-League season on October 8 at Etihad Stadium.

However, Australia are due to face Malaysia in a friendly on October 7 in Canberra as part of their preparations before taking on Paul Le Guen's Oman in a World Cup qualifier on October 11 in Sydney.

The schedule clash, and the FFA's decision not to re-schedule the A-League match, has left Osieck with a tough call to make, given the hype surrounding the opening round blockbuster following Kewell and Emerton's marquee returns to Australia.

However, Buckley told AAP he won't pressure to Osieck to allow the duo to play for their clubs despite the anticipation and excitement building ahead of the A-League clash.

"Let me make it very clear. I don't select the team and no parameters will be set around Holger to select the team," Buckley said.

"We have to be very mindful and respectful of the fact that the national coach has to have the right to determine who plays in national team matches and we won't be doing anything to stand in Holger's way.

"I'm sure that he will select the team based on the individual merits and the performance of individual players."

Buckley added: "I think there's intense excitement about the league. Clearly that match-up will come in due course when the time is right.

"But let's put it in perspective, it's certainly a nice problem to have and a nice problem to debate, and we have an exciting phase of World Cup qualification matches ahead and that's got to be an absolute priority."