O’Donovan has been tipped to join rivals Newcastle Jets, and while a solemn Okon could not say which club, he confirmed the Irishman was headed for the exit.

Mariners fell 1-0 to Melbourne Victory away on Friday night in a spirited loss to a Championship favourite.

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“I think it’s already signed, sealed and delivered unfortunately,” Okon said of O'Donovan who scored 11 goals this season.

“We wish Roy well, he’s been great value for us, a goalscorer, and whichever team has him next season are very lucky.”

Okon would not reveal if any other players were moving on but opened up about his experience of transfer speculation in his first A-League season.

“I’m a bit old school, I can’t get my head around when you hear with 10 rounds to go a player signed here and there,” he said.

“I know it’s inevitable, people want to secure their futures and for me it’s a bit of a new experience. Working in national teams you don’t have to deal with that sort of stuff.

“That’ll all be decided now… It’s out there in the press, players that have chosen to go to other clubs and we wish them well.

“The ones that are under contract, aren’t committed elsewhere and we haven’t signed yet - those discussions will take place now and the tough decisions will be made purely on what’s best for the football club, that’s what we do in the coming days.”