Tomorrow night viewers will be able to watch a live early English Premier League game (9.45pm kick off) and then choose between five live matches that kick off at midnight before watching a third match live at 2.15pm.

Viewer’s Choice is part of Foxtel’s digital Sports Active applications and allows the viewers to choose what game to watch when sporting events kick off at the same time.

English Premier League Viewer’s Choice is an exciting extension of the Viewer’s Choice concept that has been hugely successful with NRL coverage in 2007.

“Viewer’s Choice has been extremely popular in 2007 with our NRL coverage and this is a further enhancement of that initiative that will allow fans of the English Premier League unprecedented choice in the matches they watch,” said Director, FOX SPORTS Channels, Tony Sinclair.

“The simultaneous scheduling of the English Premier League games lends itself to broadcasting multiple matches to give fans the ultimate power of choice.”

The application has been developed by Foxtel's Interactive Television Unit. Viewers will not be able to record games within the interactive application, however viewers who subscribe to the Foxtel iQ will still have the option of being able to record the live “match of the day” coverage.

Foxtel’s Patrick Delany, said: “The Viewer’s Choice application puts our viewers in control and allows them unprecedented personalisation of how they watch their English Premier League coverage on a Saturday night – there simply is nothing like it on Australian television.

“Best of all it comes at no additional cost to their subscription, there are no expensive broadband fees to pay, or waiting for programs to download – you simply choose the Premier League game you want to see and press select.”

The development will see up to seven matches from the English Premier League broadcast live every Saturday night (and during midweek full rounds).

When the Viewer’s Choice game kicks off viewers can watch the game that is on the screen or activate Viewer’s Choice.

Digital subscribers press the red button on the remote control and the screen will split into four, displaying the other four matches that are available.

Move the left and right arrows to highlight the game you want to watch and then hit the select button.

Viewers can also choose to watch all four of the Viewer’s Choice matches on the split screen and can also change between games.

Simple steps to enjoy English Premier League Viewer’s Choice:
1. At the start of the Viewers Choice match hit the red button if you want to watch any of the different four viewers choice games
2. Use the left and right button to highlight the game you want
3. Hit the select button

The English Premier League Viewers Choice is free to subscribers that have Fox Sports as part of their package.

The opening weekend schedule means FOX SPORTS viewers can choose to watch one of four Aussies in action from 11.55pm, choosing between Mark Viduka (Newcastle), Josip Skoko (Wigan), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough), Brett Emerton (Blackburn). Harry Kewell’s Liverpool follows at 2.15am in the late game when they take on Aston Villa.

FOX SPORTS’ English Premier League week one schedule:

Sat 11 Aug Sunderland v Tottenham LIVE 9.45pm (FOX SPORTS 2)
Sat 11 Aug West Ham v Manchester City LIVE 11.55pm (FOX SPORTS 2) *
Sat 11 Aug Bolton v Newcastle LIVE 11.55pm (FOX SPORTS 2) *
Sat 11 Aug Everton v Wigan LIVE 11.55pm (FOX SPORTS 2) *
Sat 11 Aug Middlesbrough v Blackburn LIVE 11.55pm (FOX SPORTS 2) *
Sat 11 Aug Derby v Portsmouth LIVE 11.55pm (FOX SPORTS 2) *
* Viewers choice: Digital viewers can choose which of the games to watch
Sun 12 Aug Aston Villa v Liverpool LIVE 2.15am (FOX SPORTS 2)

Sun 12 Aug Chelsea v Birmingham LIVE 10.30pm (FOX SPORTS 3)
Mon 13 Aug Manchester Utd v Reading LIVE 1.00am (FOX SPORTS 3)

Wed 15 Aug Tottenham v Everton LIVE 5.00am (FOX SPORTS 1)

Thu 16 Aug Portsmouth v Manchester United LIVE 4.40am (FOX SPORTS 1) *
Thu 16 Aug Birmingham v Sunderland LIVE 4.40am (FOX SPORTS 1) *
Thu 16 Aug Fulham v Bolton LIVE 4.40am (FOX SPORTS 1) *
Thu 16 Aug Manchester City v Derby LIVE 4.40am (FOX SPORTS 1) *
Thu 16 Aug Reading v Chelsea LIVE 4.40am (FOX SPORTS 1) *
* Viewers choice: Digital viewers can choose which of the games to watch