It's expected that Milligan will be announced as deputy to new skipper Tony Popovic in the next few days.

And club officials were keen to stress that they blamed Milligan's agent for his ill-advised trial with Metz - and not the player himself.

Milligan's new role came out at today's launch of Sydney's new kit and two new club sponsors.

But elsewhere in the side, coach Branko Culina was non-committal about how he intends to accommodate both Juninho and Steve Corica in his team.

"We'll toss a coin. One will play one half and the other will play the other," he quipped.

Culina added that he wanted to "hurry along" Juninho's fitness but added he felt it's best to not rush the process of getting Juninho fit.

"He hasn't kicked a ball in anger in three months," said Culina.

Sydney FC CEO George Perry was equally deft in avoiding the issue of David Carney's transfer fee.

"We're not going to talk about club contracts," he insisted.

"David Carney's gone and we're looking for a replacement and looking forward to bringing that new player on as soon as possible."

It's believed Sydney are also on the lookout for a striker but Culina would not say which continent that player would come from.

However sources at the club say the striker would possibly be an African signing, although no names have yet been mentioned.