One of the club’s biggest stalwarts is disappointed that celebrations are being tainted somewhat by continued talk of departures and hopes Andrew Durante’s exit is not the start of the floodgates opening.

The left-back/midfielder, who has been with the Jets since the very start of the A-League, said goodbye to Durante as the club celebrated its success at a civic reception on Thursday and he is anxious that the Jets family remain largely intact.

Mark Bridge is thought to be next with a move to Sydney FC imminent while Stuart Musialik and Tarek Elrich are on the radars of other A-League clubs.

Successful sides build from a position of strength and Thompson knows it is a lot harder to rebuild a team from scratch.

Speaking to today he said: “We’ve had a great year and we’re more than just teammates, we’re like a family.

"You don’t want a family to break up do you? Look, the boys want to stay here. None of the out of contract guys are asking for out of this world money mate.

“I’m sorry to see Andrew Durante go because he’s a quality player. He’s been a great competitor for this club and you look what he’s gone through to achieve the success he has (two broken legs).

"Equally, you can’t blame the guys if a better deal is on offer somewhere else. You aren’t just talking about a player having to make a decision for himself.

"It may well be that he is in a situation where he has to make a decision as to what’s best for his family."

He added: “I’d love to keep all the boys together here and go on to build on the success we’ve had this year.

"We’ve one of the youngest, if not the youngest squad in the competition and you hope those boys continue to progress alongside the more experienced players.

“Other clubs aren’t stupid though. They are obviously looking at the situation and everyone wants quality players.

“We lost quite a few players at the end of last season and look what we’ve achieved this year but I think you’d rather be in a position where you’re not having to keep rebuilding at the end of each year.”