Oswell raised over $5000 in a charity match before heading off to Africa and was able to donate 120 pair of boots, 150 footballs, 40 pairs of shinpads, plus training equipment like cones, bibs, pumps and medical kits.

“I went over to Ghana as I wanted the opportunity to coach football in a developing country,” said David, who was in Africa for three weeks.

“There was only basic facilities and equipment there. Most players had boots, but footballs were either old, second-hand or falling apart. The pitches were incredible – a blend of sand, dust and rocks, with open sewers for sidelines!”

Back for six weeks now, Oswell is not treating this as one-off trip.

"I’m speaking with a couple of different organisations at the moment – Projects Abroad, Love Football and the school where I teach – about how we could provide long-term support. Everyone’s support so far has been amazing but there’s more work to do if we’re to truly help this community”.

Check out the video below which shows some of the young people David's hard work has touched during his short time in Africa - if you really concentrate you can see a couple of the kids reading our esteemed publication!

If you'd like to donate to directly help the people in the film, please contact David direct at oswell1@hotmail.com 


Football Coaching in Ghana from Dave Oswell on Vimeo.