Deane was Perth's marquee signing for the first season of the new competition in 2005.

The English striker arrived in Western Australia at the age of 37 after an impressive career in the Premier League with Sheffield United, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, Leicester City and West Ham United.

But Deane's spell at the Glory was short-lived, with the centre forward departing mid-season after picking up a hamstring injury.

The former England international scored one goal in seven matches before leaving.

He rejoined Sheffield United, making two appearances off the bench, before eventually retiring in 2006.

"If the truth be known it wasn't a fantastic experience because I kind of went in a bit blind," Deane told FourFourTwo.

Brian Deane prior to the inaugural A-League season

"I didn't know enough about what was hapenning in the league. I came over without knowing the level and the standard and so on.

"There was one or two things that shocked me when I went over there, like having to wash my kit.

"Little things like that were a bit of an eye-opener for me really. I'd always had the luxury of rocking up at work and everything was taken care of. And then given two sets of kit that I had to wash them on a daily basis - that was the first real eye-opener for me.

"It was a long way from home and I suppose it didn't work for either party. But that's life. From my point of view I should have done more research. And perhaps from their point of view they should have done.

"Going through my career I've probably had one bad experience at a club, and it came right at the end of my career.

"I don't think I've got anything to be ashamed of from that point of view."

Deane scored one goal for Glory

Deane was signed to Glory by fellow Englishman Steve McMahon, whose tenure at the club was shortlived.

Liverpool legend McMahon resigned less than four months into the inaugural season and was replaced by Alan Vest.

"From what I've seen now the A-League's become a better league," Deane said.

"Obviously you don't have the calibre of players you get in Europe but certainly it looks quite an exciting competition when I've seen it."

Deane was also part of football history in his homeland. Twenty-five years ago this month he scored the first ever Premier League goal.

In a match for Sheffield United against Manchester United, the striker bagged two goals in a 2-1 win at Bramall Lane on the new competition's opening day. His first was a header past Peter Schmeichel after just five minutes.

That headed goal has become an iconic moment in Premier League history.

"It’s kind of always there," the 49-year-old said.

"It’s just the time has flown so much. Twenty five years, most of the top players now weren’t even born then. It is kind of strange from that point of view as I still feel quite young in myself. Obviously I’m a bit of an old man now.

"You’re talking about it because it’s Manchester United I suppose. That’s what gives it extra-special meaning, they were the best team in the year that league.

"For me as a game it probably has more meaning because of that. It’s great. I’m really proud to be part of history."

Brian Deane was speaking to FourFourTwo on behalf of Play With A Legend, an events company and agency for former footballers, which gives fans the chance to play alongside over 100 former footballers. Visit Play With A Legend for more information.