Culina played in both the NSL and the A-League, and made 58 appearances for the Socceroos across an 18-year career.

He retired as a player in 2013, and just last month was appointed head coach of NSW NPL club Sydney United 58.

Culina believes promotion and relegation would be good for both A-League and NPL teams, and for the sport in general in Australia.

"There's no doubt, I think everyone would like to see that," he told FourFourTwo.

"At the moment there's nothing really to play for in terms of the NPL title winners. You win, but what do you actually win? It would be nice to win promotion into a higher league and the same goes for the A-League.

"Apart from the team that finishes top, or first and second who play in the Asian Champions League, what is in store for the team that finishes last? Nothing really. There's nothing really to play for for some part of both the A-League and NPL seasons.

"In terms of promotion and relegation, I think it would be absolutely fantastic for the likes of Sydney United 58 if we're able to be part of such a competition. I think it would be great for Australian football and it would probably draw back a lot of the people that we lost when we transitioned into the A-League.

"You'd have a lot of people coming back to football again to support the likes of Sydney United 58 and so on. It would generate a lot of excitement, a lot of interest, and would give these clubs something to aim for, to work towards.

"It would create that semi-professional to professional environment that everyone craves to be involved in. It would give a hell of a lot more opportunity to players who don't have that opportunity now to play in the A-League.

"It would showcase more than we think it would in terms of players and clubs, and the people involved and just give them more of an opportunity."