Hernandez, a former A-League player of the year, is known to be one of the highest earners at the club.

If he was to be sold it would take the pressure off Victory’s wage billl potentially easing the financial burden on the club to sign Kewell.

This week the Kewell to A-League story appeared to be dead after claims his agent Bernie Mandic had all but ruled out the move after much confusion over the former Liverpool star’s mooted contract and revenue sharing agreement.   

However Victory this week publicly announced they were still optimistic of signing the Socceroo talisman.

The Hernandez deal to the MLS – if it goes through – would significantly reduce their wage bill.

It is not clear whether Hernandez, a Costa Rican international, will return to Melbourne  for the club’s friendly against Celtic next week.

However it's understood the MLS club were less than impressed with the physical condition of the portly Hernandez when he turned up for training.