Sydney Rovers FC executive board members Ian Rowden and former Socceroo Charlie Yankos were in Melbourne recently talking to Cahill before and after Australia's game against New Zealand, reports O Kosmos News And Views columnists Tony and Xanthie Rallis.

It's believed Cahill will be stumping up his own cash in the establishment of the city's second A-League franchise.

His reputation will be a huge boost to a franchise which has also been linked with a move to Parramatta Stadium as its home venue.

"We've put in our expression of interest and I'd say we're a strong contender,'' Parra stadium manager Luke Coleman told the Parramatta Advertiser last week.

''We're very keen to have them here. Our surface is considered one of the best in Australia."

ANZ Stadium is bidding for the club's big games only, says managing director Daryl Kerry.

"We believe the marquee home games of the Sydney Rovers are a perfect fit for ANZ Stadium,'' he told the paper.

However, after last week's handling of the Everton versus Sydney FC friendly match some fans will have their doubts about ANZ.

The venue banned all megaphones and  only rectangular drums smaller than 60cm by 30cm (or circular drums smaller than 30cm) were allowed - but the drummers weren't allowed drumsticks.

Banners were allowed in just two aisles for each of the Sydney and Everton fans, but they were not allowed to be mounted on metal flagpoles - and they had to be registered with stadium authorities in advance.

Stadium bosses insist the ban was to comply with public liability issues but other stadiums around the country allow them.

The FFA's current ad campaign encourage the noisy vibrant atmosphere created by the active supporters with their flags, banners and drums.