A 4-1 defeat at home to Bayern Munich combined with Hertha Berlin's 3-1 victory over Hoffenheim sent the Goats down automatically to the second division, with Hertha earning a place in the relegation play-off.

And the Kaiser says Cologne did little to prevent their slide down the table.

"They just never defended themselves, not even in the last games," said Beckenbauer.

"They always conceded four goals and I was surprised that there was nobody who tried to stop it.

"They just accepted defeats and that is not a good sign. Cologne just ran alongside Bayern and watched how Bayern played the ball around.

"Things were too unsettled this season and now they can relax in the 2. Bundesliga."

Cologne coach Frank Schaefer did not agree, though, and he said his side did not deserve to go down.

"This is a black day for everybody, it is a totally unnecessary relegation," he told Sky television.

"It is crazy that we as a club, with this energy and with this power and with these fans, with this stadium, can go down."