can exclusively reveal the Canberra home of the nation's elite young sports stars will be the latest addition to the NYL set-up to eliminate the need for a bye each round this season.

The team will play in an all-white strip both home and away - and can't wait for the competition to start.

"It's not quite a Real Madrid strip as it's not got the adidas strips obviously but it's pretty similar," revealed AIS football programme manager Mark Pepper.

The team will be primarily coached by the AIS Dutch guru Jan Versleijen...but recently departed Newcastle Jets boss Gary van Egmond could be the main man on the sidelines for much of the season in his new coaching role at the AIS.

"Jan is the head coach but he is away so often that Gary will probably be in charge for many of the games - but I'm not sure he actually knows that yet!" revealed Pepper. "We haven't seen him yet."

As well as the chance for van Egmond to face up to his former club, the AIS's inclusion will also give Sydney FC youth coach - and former AIS football chief - Steve O'Connor a chance to pit his latest lads against his former employer too.

The AIS team will draw on the full resources of the football department at the AIS and has a squad of 26 players including 'keepers to draw on, as the AIS has no senior team to supplement the squad, unlike their A-League-based rivals.

Although the FFA has yet to reveal full detals of next year's NYL season, it's understood this year will see a major move away from the shortened season of last year.

A draft fixture list has the NYL playing from September through all the FIFA international dates as well as Christmas and New Year, with a final to coincide with the senior A-League competition.

However the long season may cause some problems for the AIS as it runs on a school year - and the end of the scholarship year will come in the middle of the NYL season.

"We are pretty excited," said Pepper. "It's a fantastic opportunty for the AIS.

"Previously we have been playing in senior competitions where it would be fair to say our guys, while more skilled, were muscled out the game.

"They were more concerned about the physical side instead of demonstrating their technique which is very much Jan's focus.

"They are as good as anyone and need to go out and be technically good and not worry about the size of the opposition."

He added: "To have this exposure and have a national competition is just fantastic. We are looking forward to the challenge, to being involved and to showcasing our talent."