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After last night’s exclusive unveiling of the new ad to an invite-only crowd in Sydney, FourFourTwo can now reveal this season's latest TV blockbuster.

The advert is the work of Sydney ad agency Lowe Hunt and features state of the art CGI to transform Bob Jane stadium and the cast of extras who showed up in awful conditions to lend their bodies to the cause.

This year the focus turns onto the fans and the atmosphere experienced at live matches.

The A-League commissioned special research and found fans and non-fans both love the spectacle of colour, and the synchronised continuous chanting and movement at games.

"It is what makes the A-League a totally unique and exciting sports entertainment experience, quite unlike any other in Australia," said an FFA spokesman.

They then used this to create the latest TV ad campaign.

“With the help of its unique fans, football is now defining its own distinctive and very positive place in the Australian sporting landscape,” said Geoff Parmenter, FFA Head of Marketing.

”This campaign is about celebrating the infectious atmosphere at the A-League which comes from the fans’ collective experience and expression of emotional extremes throughout the whole 90 minutes of each and every game.

"It was vital that this was presented in a visually striking manner true to the brand, and we feel the creative really achieves this.”

Introducing a new line “90 minutes, 90 emotions” the brand and retail campaign will run across all media, including cinema, commercial and subscription TV as well as viral, web, print and radio from today.

“We knew we needed to be true to the scale and youth appeal of the first two campaigns, showing the power and atmosphere in a fresh way, not how you might see a game broadcast” said Kit Lansdell, of Lowe Hunt.

The creative team, Neil McGuirk and Ben Smith, added: "The idea for the campaign came from our experience at the 2007 Grand Final between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United.

"We saw first hand the electric atmosphere. We wanted to dramatise the shared emotional roller-coaster that comes from being a fan at the A-League.”

The commercial dramatises the collective experiences of the fans, from the emotional highs of celebrating a goal to the crashing despair of a red card, finishing with the pulsating energy of the crowd bursting out of the stadium into the city itself.

Shot by one of Australia’s hottest new directors, Michael Spiccia, and the Oscar-winning DOP, Russell Boyd, it features players from all eight A-League clubs and also a group of dedicated supporters who braved the freezing conditions of an April night in Melbourne to provide the crowds scenes.

The epic music track used in the commercial is Reign by UNKLE, the UK duo of James Lavelle and Richard File, in collaboration with former Stone Roses vocalist Ian Brown.

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