Bono & Co. were scheduled to perform at 9pm at the Estadio Unico in La Plata, Argentina. Thanks to Lionel Messi, though, they didn't get to play until past 10:20pm.

Barcelona's superstar put in yet another stellar display as he draggedย La Albiceleste from behind to beat Ecuador, scoring three goals in Argentina's 3-1 win.

Screens either side of the stage showcased the event as fans were once again left in awe of their mercurialย maestro.

Event organiser Daniel Grinbankย said the decision was made before the concert, with the match planned inย between warm-up act Noel Gallagherย and U2 themselves.

"I proposed that after Noel Gallagher, who leaves at 7pm, we would televise the game of Argentina and then play U2," Grinbank confirmed.ย 

Clearly,ย the decisionย was a good one: fans were treated to Messi's heroics first, before being serenadedย by the evergreen Irish rockers.ย 

A beautiful day indeed.

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