18. Red Bull Salzburg home, away

Now we all know the reason why Red Bull Salzburg’s badge is virtually the same as the sponsor’s logo, but it still doesn’t look particularly good. The splattered yellow shapes – some of them circles, others square, others diamonds – don’t do much for FFT either.

17. Lille third




For starters, what’s that sponsor’s logo? Secondly, what’s with the random blotches of turquoise? And last but not least, why are there more white lines than a city banker's Friday night out? 

16. Atletico Madrid home

This looks a bit like one of those optical illusions you stare at for a while before rubbing your eyes and reaching for the paracetamol. Atletico’s combination of red and white shirts, blue shorts and red socks is one of the best around, but this year’s top really isn’t doing the business. Poor Nando. 

15. Bournemouth third

While black away kits are usually more attractive than not, Bournemouth have ruined theirs with a dreadful sleeve and shoulder design. The colour is bad enough, but Umbro have taken things a step further by needlessly cramming their logo in as many times as possible. It’s a shame, because this strip had potential.

14. Swansea home

Now we appreciate it can’t be easy to come up with fancy new designs when your team wears all white, but… this? In the words of Chandler Bing: could you get any duller? (He probably said that at some point.)