Footballers from South America always seem to have unique back stories – and 20-year-old Gabriel Jesus is no different, as he told FFT how he used to play football in a prison growing up.

β€œThe pitch was inside Romao Gomes prison but it belonged to the police and it wasn’t far from the bad guys,” he explained. β€œOnly the policemen used to play there. I’ve never felt afraid of anything there. Well, I used to get there very early in the morning. Several times I left home around 5 or 6am.”

Apart from having the dedication to get up at 5am to play football in a penitentiary, Jesus has also had the benefitΒ of aΒ mother who basically sounds like a second Pep Guardiola, filling her son’s head with perfectionist criticism.

β€œThe thing she complains most is about offside,” he tells us with a laugh. β€œβ€˜Come on Gabriel, look, don’t be offside… and do shoot on target!’”

Sage advice there, for sure. Find out more about the Brazilian ace - including the strangest thing he’s ever been asked to autograph – by pressing play on the aboveΒ video: 4 Things You Didn't Know About Gabriel Jesus.

Also, keep an out for the upcoming FourFourTwo Films documentary – Gabriel Jesus: My Path to Greatness - coming soon.

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