FC Sion owner Christian Constantin is aย divisive figure in Switzerland.

The trigger-happy boss is the regularย subject of media ridicule, althoughย he did rescue the club from bankruptcy in 2003.

But Constantin's latest antics could get him into some hot water after he was filmed attacking Swiss TV pundit โ€“ย and former footballer โ€“ย Rolf Fringer, after Sion's 2-1 victory over Lugano on Thursday night.

Fringer labelled Constantin "a narcissist"ย with "no empathy" in an interview last week, andย tensions have risen significantly since. According to Fringer, Constantin'sย son confronted him on the touchline first before the presidentย slapped him three to four times, thenย kickedย himย in the back.

Constantin told Swiss television when confronted with the footage post-match: "Rolf Fringer made an article this week where he criticised me and treated me badly, so I went to settle my case with him."

We hate to break it to him, but this probably isn't settled.

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