Last month, third division side Lisse thought they'd got the better of their fifth division opponents HSV Hoek, beating them 5-4 in a penalty shootout.

The result, however, was taken to the Dutch FA after it was noticed the referee on the night incorrectly implemented the ABBA penalty taking system.

After much debate, it was decided that a replay was needed to determine a new winner - but just the penalty shootout would be recontested.

The game was played at Lisse's Sportpark Ter Specke stadium on Wednesday night, with a generous crowd arriving to watch all 10 minutes' worth of action. Despite only one penalty separatingΒ the sides again, it was minnows Hoek who emerged victorious, winning 6-5.

Under the ABBA system the team taking the first kick in each pair of shots alternates, in otherwords AB BA as opposed to AB AB...

The system is yet to be adopted by the Dutch, with England one of the few nations to trial it this season. How the mix-up occurred remains a mystery.