Kosmina said the Glory players had done all they could to waste time towards the end of a heated encounter as the Perth side looked to seal just their second win of the season.

The FC coach also blasted Glory import Adrian Trinidad for acting after a clash between the Argentine midfielder and Sydney defender Iain Fyfe led to Fyfe being instantly dismissed for what initially appeared to be a king hit on Trinidad from behind.

"I think some of them (the time-wasting tactics) were pretty shallow to be honest," Kosmina said following the defeat.

"There's a way of doing it, you can stand on the ball, you can keep the ball and slow the game down.

"If you wanted to call on the rules of gentlemanly sport, then they probably did (break them)."

There was also no holding back from the Sydney coach when it came to Fyfe's dismissal. Kosmina said Trinidad's time wasting had provoked a frustrated Fyfe into a response that the Argentine was happy to make the most of.

"I thought Trinidad, he milked it big time," Kosmina said. "He stood on the ball. He had a free kick against him, he stood over the ball, that's delaying the re-start.

"Fyfy didn't hit him, he (Trinidad) got up, he was rolling around holding his head, got up, had a good look around and started limping off.

"I don't mind blokes using a bit of time wasting tactics, 'streetsmart' it was described to me, (but) I don't know if it (Trinidad's actions) was street smart."

He added: "There's a difference between street smart and playing soft and gee, it's still a man's game."

Glory coach Dave Mitchell refused to respond to Kosmina's accusation of 'shallow' tactics.

"You want me to jump in there with two feet?" was Mitchell's response. "I really don't care what they think.

"They're a good side, he's a good coach, Kossie, he's upset, but from my point of view, I'm just happy that we got the result we deserved ... and I'm sure they'll bounce back."

The result means Sydney have earned just one point from their last three matches, having lost to both Wellington and Perth in that time and having just managed to earn a draw with Queensland last round.