Kosmina had a dig at Phoenix coach Ricki Herbert over the last minute penalty decision against the sky blues in last Friday night's 2-1 loss.

He later said "I don't care" when asked about the incident at the after match press conference.

"We've had a chat with Stefan [Kamasz] and we've let the FFA know we're not going to make a complaint," Phoenix CEO Tony Pignata said this morning.

"It's water under the bridge now. It's over and we're moving on."

While Sydney FC officials remain unimpressed by the incident, they argue under-fire Kosmina did actually shake Herbert's hand before the verbal stoush.

"It's hard to know," said Pignata. "When I got to Ricki we were having to drag him away."

Pignata however was keen to emphasise the positives of the weekend.

"We've had great media coverage since we got back from Sydney," he said. "We got three points in Sydney and with the Jets and Glory drawing, we're now in sixth spot and just three points out of the four.

"A week is a long time in football."