Rooney is battling to overcome an ankle problem in time for the October 12 clash but has also been in the spotlight off the pitch with recent revelations about his private life.

Former England boss Kevin Keegan hit out at Rooney's recent performances and claims his "confidence is shot."

Keegan also believes Rooney cannot feel aggrieved when stories appear about his private life after selling his wedding pictures to a magazine.

But Capello believes continuing to play and train can only be beneficial when a player has off-the-pitch problems to deal with.

He said: "I think at this moment, when you play (if you have private problems) it is better because you are focused on the game and training.

"I read about what Kevin Keegan said and think when you have a problem in the private life it is always something different in the lifestyle of the players.

"You can write about a player's performance but it is very different when you are entering the private life."

When asked if modern day players can cope with wealth and their career, Capello said: "Not only now, but before there were the same problems every year - in Italy, Spain and the world.

"It is young people, young men with a lot of money. A lot of money is sometimes one problem, a positive problem. Sometimes.

"Does that make modern management impossible? No. It is private problems. It depends on the people they stay around, the friends."

Capello admits whether a player can continue to perform on the pitch when encountering personal problems depends on the character of the individual.

He said: "Some suffered with it, for others it is normal and they are able to separate the two and cope better. I remember I had some players with big problems but we won."

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted Manchester United star Rooney could be fit for the Montenegro clash.

That would be welcome news for Capello after Rooney's performances in the second striker role in the opening two qualifiers with Bulgaria and Switzerland.

And he is unconcerned about criticism of Rooney's recent performances at club level.

He said: "The games Rooney played in the new position, he played very well. I was very happy. I hope he will be fit for the next game.

"I can speak about the performances for the national team, not about the performances for United.

"I saw one game he played at home against Liverpool and he played a good game for me."