Speaking to the media after a business luncheon hosted by Sydney FC today, the FFA supremo said Fury’s future would depend in large part on the local community support. 

The club is currently owned by the FFA but cannot sign new players as the national governing body is yet to commit to a future ownership model for the club.

It’s led to endless speculation about the club’s future but Lowy had some encouraging words today for football in north Queensland.

“It’s not up to me to decide on North Queensland’s future. It’s up to the Townsville people to decide on the club’s future,” he said.

“We are happy to support it but we need the people of Townsville to be behind it. Which I believe they are both morally and financially.

“And I believe that will happen and they will go on to greater heights.”

Speaking generally about the A-League he added: “We’re not putting the white flag up.

"There have been changes to the ownerships [of clubs] and there will be some more. Come ten years, five years from now you’ll look back on this as small incidents of the past.

“The support is there but it [the A-League] needs to grow. It’s five years old and we want it to be 100 years old.”