The Gunners finished fourth in the Barclays Premiership for a second year running and came no closer to silverware than a Carling Cup final in February.

The French defender is desperate for that situation to improve next season, but is adamant more depth is required for that to happen.

"I am ambitious and I want to win the lot - but we have not made any progress this season," he told the Daily Star Sunday.

"I know we have some talented young players, but I won't be at the club in a few years' time - I want to win something next season.

"Arsenal have lacked an awful lot this year. The seasons are long and if you want to remain consistent you need a squad with plenty of depth.

"That hasn't been the case with us. You need experienced players as well, and we have not had them.

"Our young players have been given plenty of responsibility, but when you are 19 you can't be good all of the time."

He added: "If Arsenal keep their youngsters they will be a very dangerous team in the years to come.

"But this season we have lacked maturity."