In good news for the game, the FFA Chairman, now 80, confirmed his commitment to the game by saying he would stay on long term to implement his vision for the game.

“Australia is my trump card,” he told a packed business luncheon hosted by Sydney FC today.

“And I know we have the best bid but I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s not over till the fat lady sings.”

He added: “It has been my life’s work, my life’s ambition, to do as much as I can to bring the world to Australia and Australia to the world.

“But now if we are successful on December 2, this country will have the opportunity of a lifetime to connect Australia with the world and the world with Australia on a scale never seen before.

“And if we use it wisely – as I know we will – it will pay dividends for Australia in all sorts of ways, for generations to come, in ways that we can’t comprehend or envisage today.

"The prize really is that big.”

The FFA chairman added that not only did he hope that Australia would be successful but that wanted to see an Australian team good enough to make the World Cup final in 2022.

And that a World Cup would have nation-transforming potential but said it would be a “crushing disappointment” if the bid went to a rival nation.