To see Bozza back in training with the Mariners...

Mariners chairman Lyall Gorman described Bosnich as an ambassador at today's announcement of the player's seven game guest stint with the club.

"Working with the squad, they have a heightened sense of self belief and focus and that's been significantly been enhanced by Mark's arrival," said Gorman.

"His intellectual property is second to none. There is a tremendous buzz in our community about Mark so it's a win on and off for us.

"His ambassadorship and some of the work he has done and will do in the community will make a difference to the growth of the game and the sense of community we've worked hard to build."

Last night, Bosnich helped raise $120,000 for youth charity Essere, which works with troubled teenagers.

"It's a nice thing to be called [an ambassador]," he said today. "I've had a great run in my career. What's happened has happened in the last five years and I take my responsibility for that.

"If people want to laud me as an ambassador I'm very happy. In terms of off the field it's time for me to start putting something back into football and in the community.

"We started that last night and it's good to be using your bad experiences as a positive.

"And I'll continue to do that because I think I have a duty and a responsibility to do that."

A smiling Bosnich added that his happiness is also linked with his own family who. he had "...made peace with.

"In terms of long-term you're not the only one who's asked that question. My parents asked that question.

"It's been very hard. The training has been very difficult and so it should be. But overall it's a tick in the box. And I'm looking forward in the next three weeks to getting back to a certain level that's comparable to the past.

"On a scale of 1-10, it's been a 9.5."

To see Bozza back in training with the Mariners...