FIFA's inspection time found virtually no technical fault with Australia's bid and praised the nation's stadiums, security and inner city transport systems.

They were also convinced of the lasting legacy bringing the World Cup Down Under would create.

The few negative points raised were the impact on US and European TV rights, a lack of hotel accommodation in some areas and the travel challenges created by the distance between our host cities.

Qatar's rival bid looks set to stumble at the first hurdle over the oppressive summer heat in the Middle East while the USA creates security problems, "legal risks" and a key lack of Government money or commitment.

Korea's bid which promises to unite North and South has a huge appeal to FIFA but, like Japan's bid, is unlikely to succeed because of their recent hosting of the competition in 2002.

Press Association Sport has seen an advanced copy of the FIFA report and here outlines some of the key points as identified by the inspectors.

USA (2022)

Good points: Stadia already built, hotels, transport, security.

Bad points: "Medium legal risk", lack of government guarantees.

QATAR (2022)

Good points: Novel approach to World Cup, legacy, new stadia.

Bad points: June/July heat "potential health risk", 12 stadiums located within a 20-mile radius.


Good points: Legacy, security, stadia, transport infrastructure.

Bad points: Shortage of contracted hotel rooms, transport challenges, risk of reduction in European and American TV income.

JAPAN (2022)

Good points: Stadia, technology developments, hotels, transport.

Bad points: Security plan not fully ensured, risk of reduction in European and American TV income.


Good points: Legacy - may play some games in North Korea, stadia, technology, security.

Bad points: Risk of reduction in European and American TV income.

ENGLAND (bidding for 2018)

Good points: Transport, stadia, IT, security, marketing, legacy.

Bad points: Too few venue-specific training sites or venue-specific team hotels, too few training base camp hotels.


Good points: Stadia, transport, hotels, legacy.

Bad points: Lack of clear security plan, co-hosting "a challenge".

RUSSIA (2018)

Good points: 13 planned new stadia, hotels, legacy.

Bad points: Huge transport challenge and major building programme needed.


Good points: Stadia, legacy.

Bad points: Too few hotel rooms, co-hosting "a challenge", lack of government guarantees.